Source code for errbot.backend_plugin_manager

import logging
import sys
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Any, Iterator, List, Type, Union

from errbot.plugin_info import PluginInfo

from .utils import collect_roots, entry_point_plugins

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs] class PluginNotFoundException(Exception): pass
[docs] def enumerate_backend_plugins( all_plugins_paths: List[Union[str, Path]] ) -> Iterator[PluginInfo]: plugin_places = [Path(root) for root in all_plugins_paths] for path in plugin_places: plugfiles = path.glob("**/*.plug") for plugfile in plugfiles: plugin_info = PluginInfo.load(plugfile) yield plugin_info
[docs] class BackendPluginManager: """ This is a one shot plugin manager for Backends and Storage plugins. """
[docs] def __init__( self, bot_config, base_module: str, plugin_name: str, base_class: Type, base_search_dir, extra_search_dirs=(), ): self._config = bot_config self._base_module = base_module self._base_class = base_class self.plugin_info = None ep = entry_point_plugins(group="errbot.backend_plugins") all_plugins_paths = collect_roots((base_search_dir, extra_search_dirs, ep)) for potential_plugin in enumerate_backend_plugins(all_plugins_paths): if == plugin_name: self.plugin_info = potential_plugin return raise PluginNotFoundException( f"Could not find the plugin named {plugin_name} in {all_plugins_paths}." )
[docs] def load_plugin(self) -> Any: plugin_path = self.plugin_info.location.parent if plugin_path not in sys.path: # Cast pathlib.Path objects to string type for compatibility with sys.path sys.path.append(str(plugin_path)) plugin_classes = self.plugin_info.load_plugin_classes( self._base_module, self._base_class ) if len(plugin_classes) != 1: raise PluginNotFoundException( f"Found more that one plugin for {self._base_class}." ) _, clazz = plugin_classes[0] return clazz(self._config)