Source code for errbot.core_plugins.cnf_filter

from errbot import BotPlugin, cmdfilter

[docs]class CommandNotFoundFilter(BotPlugin):
[docs] @cmdfilter(catch_unprocessed=True) def cnf_filter(self, msg, cmd, args, dry_run, emptycmd=False): """ Check if command exists. If not, signal plugins. This plugin will be called twice: once as a command filter and then again as a "command not found" filter. See the emptycmd parameter. :param msg: Original chat message. :param cmd: Parsed command. :param args: Command arguments. :param dry_run: True when this is a dry-run. :param emptycmd: False when this command has been parsed and is valid. True if the command was not found. """ if not emptycmd: return msg, cmd, args if self.bot_config.SUPPRESS_CMD_NOT_FOUND: self.log.debug("Suppressing command not found feedback.") return command = msg.body.strip() for prefix in self.bot_config.BOT_ALT_PREFIXES + (self.bot_config.BOT_PREFIX,): if command.startswith(prefix): command = command.replace(prefix, "", 1) break command_args = command.split(" ", 1) command = command_args[0] if len(command_args) > 1: args = " ".join(command_args[1:]) return self._bot.unknown_command(msg, command, args)