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import textwrap

from dulwich import errors as dulwich_errors

from errbot import BotPlugin, botcmd
from errbot.utils import git_tag_list
from errbot.version import VERSION

[docs] class Help(BotPlugin): MSG_HELP_TAIL = ( "Type help <command name> to get more info " "about that specific command." ) MSG_HELP_UNDEFINED_COMMAND = "That command is not defined."
[docs] def is_git_directory(self, path="."): try: tags = git_tag_list(path) except dulwich_errors.NotGitRepository: tags = None except Exception as _: # we might want to handle other exceptions another way. For now leaving this general tags = None return tags.pop(-1) if tags is not None else None
# noinspection PyUnusedLocal
[docs] @botcmd(template="about") def about(self, msg, args): """Return information about this Errbot instance and version""" git_version = self.is_git_directory() if git_version: return dict(version=f"{git_version.decode('utf-8')} GIT CHECKOUT") else: return {"version": VERSION}
# noinspection PyUnusedLocal
[docs] @botcmd def apropos(self, msg, args): """Returns a help string listing available options. Automatically assigned to the "help" command.""" if not args: return "Usage: " + self._bot.prefix + "apropos search_term" description = "Available commands:\n" cls_commands = {} for name, command in self._bot.all_commands.items(): cls = self._bot.get_plugin_class_from_method(command) cls = str.__module__ + "." + cls.__name__ # makes the fuul qualified name commands = cls_commands.get(cls, []) if ( not self.bot_config.HIDE_RESTRICTED_COMMANDS or self._bot.check_command_access(msg, name)[0] ): commands.append((name, command)) cls_commands[cls] = commands usage = "" for cls in sorted(cls_commands): commands = [] for name, command in cls_commands[cls]: if name == "help": continue if command._err_command_hidden: continue doc = command.__doc__ if doc is not None and args.lower() not in doc.lower(): continue name_with_spaces = name.replace("_", " ", 1) doc = (doc or "(undocumented)").strip().split("\n", 1)[0] commands.append("\t" + self._bot.prefix + name_with_spaces + ": " + doc) usage += "\n".join(commands) usage += "\n\n" return "".join(filter(None, [description, usage])).strip()
[docs] @botcmd def help(self, msg, args): """Returns a help string listing available options. Automatically assigned to the "help" command.""" def may_access_command(m, cmd): m, _, _ = self._bot._process_command_filters( msg=m, cmd=cmd, args=None, dry_run=True ) return m is not None def get_name(named): return named.__name__.lower() # Normalize args to lowercase for ease of use args = args.lower() if args else "" usage = "" description = "### All commands\n" cls_obj_commands = {} for name, command in self._bot.all_commands.items(): cls = self._bot.get_plugin_class_from_method(command) obj = command.__self__ _, commands = cls_obj_commands.get(cls, (None, [])) if not self.bot_config.HIDE_RESTRICTED_COMMANDS or may_access_command( msg, name ): commands.append((name, command)) cls_obj_commands[cls] = (obj, commands) # show all if not args: for cls in sorted( cls_obj_commands.keys(), key=lambda c: cls_obj_commands[c][0].name ): obj, commands = cls_obj_commands[cls] name = # shows class and description usage += f"\n**{name}**\n\n" if getattr(cls.__errdoc__, "strip", None): usage += f"{cls.__errdoc__.strip()}\n\n" else: usage += cls.__errdoc__ or "\n\n" for name, command in sorted(commands): if command._err_command_hidden: continue # show individual commands usage += self._cmd_help_line(name, command) usage += "\n\n" # end cls section elif args: for cls, (obj, cmds) in cls_obj_commands.items(): if == args: break else: cls, obj, cmds = None, None, None if cls is None: # Plugin not found. description = "" all_commands = dict(self._bot.all_commands) all_commands.update( {k.replace("_", " "): v for k, v in all_commands.items()} ) if args in all_commands: usage += self._cmd_help_line(args, all_commands[args], True) else: usage += self.MSG_HELP_UNDEFINED_COMMAND else: # filter out the commands related to this class description = "" description += f"\n**{}**\n\n" if getattr(cls.__errdoc__, "strip", None): description += f"{cls.__errdoc__.strip()}\n\n" else: description += cls.__errdoc__ or "\n\n" pairs = [] for name, command in cmds: if self.bot_config.HIDE_RESTRICTED_COMMANDS: if command._err_command_hidden: continue if not may_access_command(msg, name): continue pairs.append((name, command)) pairs = sorted(pairs) for name, command in pairs: usage += self._cmd_help_line(name, command) return "".join(filter(None, [description, usage]))
def _cmd_help_line(self, name, command, show_doc=False): """ Returns: str. a single line indicating the help representation of a command. """ cmd_name = name.replace("_", " ") cmd_doc = textwrap.dedent(self._bot.get_doc(command)).strip() prefix = ( self._bot.prefix if getattr(command, "_err_command_prefix_required", True) else "" ) name = cmd_name patt = getattr(command, "_err_command_re_pattern", None) if patt: re_help_name = getattr(command, "_err_command_re_name_help", None) name = re_help_name if re_help_name else patt.pattern if not show_doc: cmd_doc = cmd_doc.split("\n")[0] if len(cmd_doc) > 80: cmd_doc = f"{cmd_doc[:77]}..." help_str = f"- **{prefix}{name}** - {cmd_doc}\n" return help_str