Source code for errbot.plugin_info

import inspect
import sys
from configparser import ConfigParser
from configparser import Error as ConfigParserError
from dataclasses import dataclass
from importlib._bootstrap import module_from_spec
from importlib._bootstrap_external import spec_from_file_location
from pathlib import Path
from typing import List, Tuple, Type

from errbot.utils import version2tuple

VersionType = Tuple[int, int, int]

[docs] @dataclass class PluginInfo: name: str module: str doc: str core: bool python_version: VersionType errbot_minversion: VersionType errbot_maxversion: VersionType dependencies: List[str] location: Path = None
[docs] @staticmethod def load(plugfile_path: Path) -> "PluginInfo": with"utf-8") as plugfile: return PluginInfo.load_file(plugfile, plugfile_path)
[docs] @staticmethod def load_file(plugfile, location: Path) -> "PluginInfo": cp = ConfigParser() cp.read_file(plugfile) pi = PluginInfo.parse(cp) pi.location = location return pi
[docs] @staticmethod def parse(config: ConfigParser) -> "PluginInfo": """ Throws ConfigParserError with a meaningful message if the ConfigParser doesn't contain the minimal information required. """ name = config.get("Core", "Name") module = config.get("Core", "Module") core = config.get("Core", "Core", fallback="false").lower() == "true" doc = config.get("Documentation", "Description", fallback=None) python_version = config.get("Python", "Version", fallback=None) # Old format backward compatibility if python_version: if python_version in ("2+", "3"): python_version = (3, 0, 0) elif python_version == "2": python_version = (2, 0, 0) else: try: python_version = tuple( version2tuple(python_version)[0:3] ) # We can ignore the alpha/beta part. except ValueError as ve: raise ConfigParserError( f"Invalid Python Version format: {python_version} ({ve})" ) min_version = config.get("Errbot", "Min", fallback=None) max_version = config.get("Errbot", "Max", fallback=None) try: if min_version: min_version = version2tuple(min_version) except ValueError as ve: raise ConfigParserError( f"Invalid Errbot min version format: {min_version} ({ve})" ) try: if max_version: max_version = version2tuple(max_version) except ValueError as ve: raise ConfigParserError( f"Invalid Errbot max version format: {max_version} ({ve})" ) depends_on = config.get("Core", "DependsOn", fallback=None) deps = [name.strip() for name in depends_on.split(",")] if depends_on else [] return PluginInfo( name, module, doc, core, python_version, min_version, max_version, deps )
[docs] def load_plugin_classes(self, base_module_name: str, baseclass: Type): # load the module module_name = base_module_name + "." + self.module spec = spec_from_file_location( module_name, self.location.parent / (self.module + ".py") ) modu1e = module_from_spec(spec) spec.loader.exec_module(modu1e) sys.modules[module_name] = modu1e # introspect the modules to find plugin classes def is_plugin(member): return ( inspect.isclass(member) and issubclass(member, baseclass) and member != baseclass ) plugin_classes = inspect.getmembers(modu1e, is_plugin) return plugin_classes