Source code for errbot.plugin_manager

""" Logic related to plugin loading and lifecycle """
import logging
import os
import subprocess
import sys
import traceback
from copy import deepcopy
from graphlib import CycleError
from graphlib import TopologicalSorter as BaseTopologicalSorter
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Any, Callable, Dict, List, Optional, Set, Tuple, Type

from errbot.flow import BotFlow, Flow
from errbot.repo_manager import check_dependencies
from import StoragePluginBase

from .botplugin import BotPlugin
from .core_plugins.wsview import route
from .plugin_info import PluginInfo
from .storage import StoreMixin
from .templating import add_plugin_templates_path, remove_plugin_templates_path
from .utils import collect_roots, entry_point_plugins, version2tuple
from .version import VERSION

PluginInstanceCallback = Callable[[str, Type[BotPlugin]], BotPlugin]

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

CORE_PLUGINS = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)), "core_plugins")

[docs] class PluginActivationException(Exception): pass
[docs] class IncompatiblePluginException(PluginActivationException): pass
[docs] class PluginConfigurationException(PluginActivationException): pass
def _ensure_sys_path_contains(paths): """Ensure that os.path contains paths :param paths: a list of base paths to walk from elements can be a string or a list/tuple of strings """ for entry in paths: if isinstance(entry, (list, tuple)): _ensure_sys_path_contains(entry) elif entry is not None and entry not in sys.path: sys.path.append(entry)
[docs] def populate_doc(plugin_object: BotPlugin, plugin_info: PluginInfo) -> None: plugin_class = type(plugin_object) plugin_class.__errdoc__ = ( plugin_class.__doc__ if plugin_class.__doc__ else plugin_info.doc )
[docs] def install_packages(req_path: Path): """Installs all the packages from the given requirements.txt Return an exc_info if it fails otherwise None. """ def is_docker(): if not os.path.exists("/proc/1/cgroup"): return False with open("/proc/1/cgroup") as d: return "docker" in'Installing packages from "%s".', req_path) # use sys.executable explicitly instead of just 'pip' because depending on how the bot is deployed # 'pip' might not be available on PATH: for example when installing errbot on a virtualenv and # starting it with systemctl pointing directly to the executable: # [Service] # ExecStart=/home/errbot/.env/bin/errbot pip_cmdline = [sys.executable, "-m", "pip"] # noinspection PyBroadException try: if hasattr(sys, "real_prefix") or ( hasattr(sys, "base_prefix") and (sys.base_prefix != sys.prefix) ): # this is a virtualenv, so we can use it directly subprocess.check_call( pip_cmdline + ["install", "--requirement", str(req_path)] ) elif is_docker(): # this is a docker container, so we can use it directly subprocess.check_call( pip_cmdline + ["install", "--requirement", str(req_path)] ) else: # otherwise only install it as a user package subprocess.check_call( pip_cmdline + ["install", "--user", "--requirement", str(req_path)] ) except Exception: log.exception("Failed to execute pip install for %s.", req_path) return sys.exc_info()
[docs] def check_python_plug_section(plugin_info: PluginInfo) -> bool: """Checks if we have the correct version to run this plugin. Returns true if the plugin is loadable""" version = plugin_info.python_version # if the plugin doesn't restric anything, assume it is ok and try to load it. if not version: return True sys_version = sys.version_info[:3] if version < (3, 0, 0): log.error( "Plugin %s is made for python 2 only and Errbot is not compatible with Python 2 anymore.",, ) log.error( "Please contact the plugin developer or try to contribute to port the plugin." ) return False if version >= sys_version: log.error( "Plugin %s requires python >= %s and this Errbot instance runs %s.",, ".".join(str(v) for v in version), ".".join(str(v) for v in sys_version), ) log.error("Upgrade your python interpreter if you want to use this plugin.") return False return True
[docs] def check_errbot_version(plugin_info: PluginInfo): """Checks if a plugin version between min_version and max_version is ok for this errbot. Raises IncompatiblePluginException if not. """ name, min_version, max_version = (, plugin_info.errbot_minversion, plugin_info.errbot_maxversion, ) current_version = version2tuple(VERSION) if min_version and min_version > current_version: raise IncompatiblePluginException( f"The plugin {name} asks for Errbot with a minimal version of " f"{min_version} while Errbot is version {VERSION}." ) if max_version and max_version < current_version: raise IncompatiblePluginException( f"The plugin {name} asks for Errbot with a maximum version of {max_version} " f"while Errbot is version {VERSION}" )
# Storage names CONFIGS = "configs" BL_PLUGINS = "bl_plugins"
[docs] class TopologicalSorter(BaseTopologicalSorter):
[docs] def find_cycle(self): """Wraps private method as public one.""" return self._find_cycle()
[docs] class BotPluginManager(StoreMixin):
[docs] def __init__( self, storage_plugin: StoragePluginBase, extra_plugin_dir: Optional[str], autoinstall_deps: bool, core_plugins: Tuple[str, ...], plugin_instance_callback: PluginInstanceCallback, plugins_callback_order: Tuple[Optional[str], ...], ): """ Creates a Plugin manager :param storage_plugin: the plugin used to store to config for this manager :param extra_plugin_dir: an extra directory to search for plugins :param autoinstall_deps: if True, will install also the plugin deps from requirements.txt :param core_plugins: the list of core plugin that will be started :param plugin_instance_callback: the callback to instantiate a plugin (to inject the dependency on the bot) :param plugins_callback_order: the order on which the plugins will be callbacked """ super().__init__() self.autoinstall_deps: bool = autoinstall_deps self._extra_plugin_dir: str = extra_plugin_dir self._plugin_instance_callback: PluginInstanceCallback = ( plugin_instance_callback ) self.core_plugins: Tuple[str, ...] = core_plugins # Make sure there is a 'None' entry in the callback order, to include # any plugin not explicitly ordered. self.plugins_callback_order = plugins_callback_order if None not in self.plugins_callback_order: self.plugins_callback_order += (None,) self.plugin_infos: Dict[str, PluginInfo] = {} self.plugins: Dict[str, BotPlugin] = {} self.flow_infos: Dict[str, PluginInfo] = {} self.flows: Dict[str, Flow] = {} self.plugin_places = [] self.open_storage(storage_plugin, "core") if CONFIGS not in self: self[CONFIGS] = {}
[docs] def get_plugin_obj_by_name(self, name: str) -> BotPlugin: return self.plugins.get(name, None)
[docs] def reload_plugin_by_name(self, name: str) -> None: """ Completely reload the given plugin, including reloading of the module's code :throws PluginActivationException: needs to be taken care of by the callers. """ plugin = self.plugins[name] plugin_info = self.plugin_infos[name] if plugin.is_activated: self.deactivate_plugin(name) base_name = ".".join(plugin.__module__.split(".")[:-1]) classes = plugin_info.load_plugin_classes(base_name, BotPlugin) _, new_class = classes[0] plugin.__class__ = new_class self.activate_plugin(name)
def _install_potential_package_dependencies( self, path: Path, feedback: Dict[Path, str] ) -> None: req_path = path / "requirements.txt" if req_path.exists():"Checking package dependencies from %s.", req_path) if self.autoinstall_deps: exc_info = install_packages(req_path) if exc_info is not None: typ, value, trace = exc_info feedback[ path ] = f'{typ}: {value}\n{"".join(traceback.format_tb(trace))}' else: msg, _ = check_dependencies(req_path) if msg and path not in feedback: # favor the first error. feedback[path] = msg def _load_plugins_generic( self, path: Path, extension: str, base_module_name, baseclass: Type, dest_dict: Dict[str, Any], dest_info_dict: Dict[str, Any], feedback: Dict[Path, str], ): self._install_potential_package_dependencies(path, feedback) plugfiles = path.glob("**/*." + extension) for plugfile in plugfiles: try: plugin_info = PluginInfo.load(plugfile) name = if name in dest_info_dict: log.warning("Plugin %s already loaded.", name) continue # save the plugin_info for ref. dest_info_dict[name] = plugin_info # Skip the core plugins not listed in CORE_PLUGINS if CORE_PLUGINS is defined. if ( self.core_plugins and plugin_info.core and ( not in self.core_plugins) ): log.debug( "%s plugin will not be loaded because it's not listed in CORE_PLUGINS", name, ) continue plugin_classes = plugin_info.load_plugin_classes( base_module_name, baseclass ) if not plugin_classes: feedback[path] = f"Did not find any plugin in {path}." continue if len(plugin_classes) > 1: # TODO: This is something we can support as "subplugins" or something similar. feedback[ path ] = "Contains more than one plugin, only one will be loaded." # instantiate the plugin object. _, clazz = plugin_classes[0] dest_dict[name] = self._plugin_instance_callback(name, clazz) except Exception: feedback[path] = traceback.format_exc() def _load_plugins(self) -> Dict[Path, str]: feedback = {} for path in self.plugin_places: self._load_plugins_generic( path, "plug", "errbot.plugins", BotPlugin, self.plugins, self.plugin_infos, feedback, ) self._load_plugins_generic( path, "flow", "errbot.flows", BotFlow, self.flows, self.flow_infos, feedback, ) return feedback
[docs] def update_plugin_places(self, path_list: str) -> Dict[Path, str]: """ This updates where this manager is trying to find plugins and try to load newly found ones. :param path_list: the path list where to search for plugins. :return: the feedback for any specific path in case of error. """ ep = entry_point_plugins(group="errbot.plugins") repo_roots = (CORE_PLUGINS, self._extra_plugin_dir, path_list, ep) all_roots = collect_roots(repo_roots) log.debug("New entries added to sys.path:") for entry in all_roots: if entry not in sys.path: log.debug(entry) sys.path.append(entry) # so plugins can relatively import their repos _ensure_sys_path_contains(repo_roots) self.plugin_places = [Path(root) for root in all_roots] return self._load_plugins()
[docs] def get_all_active_plugins(self) -> List[BotPlugin]: """This returns the list of plugins in the callback ordered defined from the config.""" all_plugins = [] for name in self.plugins_callback_order: # None is a placeholder for any plugin not having a defined order if name is None: all_plugins += [ plugin for name, plugin in self.plugins.items() if name not in self.plugins_callback_order and plugin.is_activated ] else: plugin = self.plugins[name] if plugin.is_activated: all_plugins.append(plugin) return all_plugins
[docs] def get_all_active_plugin_names(self) -> List[str]: return [name for name, plugin in self.plugins.items() if plugin.is_activated]
[docs] def get_all_plugin_names(self) -> List[str]: return self.plugins.keys()
[docs] def get_plugin_by_path(self, path: str) -> Optional[str]: for name, pi in self.plugin_infos.items(): if str(pi.location.parent) == path: return self.plugins[name]
[docs] def get_plugins_by_path(self, path: str): for name, pi in self.plugin_infos.items(): if str(pi.location.parent) == path: yield self.plugins[name]
[docs] def deactivate_all_plugins(self) -> None: for name in self.get_all_active_plugin_names(): self.deactivate_plugin(name)
# plugin blacklisting management
[docs] def get_blacklisted_plugin(self) -> List: return self.get(BL_PLUGINS, [])
[docs] def is_plugin_blacklisted(self, name: str) -> bool: return name in self.get_blacklisted_plugin()
[docs] def blacklist_plugin(self, name: str) -> str: if self.is_plugin_blacklisted(name): logging.warning("Plugin %s is already blacklisted.", name) return f"Plugin {name} is already blacklisted." self[BL_PLUGINS] = self.get_blacklisted_plugin() + [name]"Plugin %s is now blacklisted.", name) return f"Plugin {name} is now blacklisted."
[docs] def unblacklist_plugin(self, name: str) -> str: if not self.is_plugin_blacklisted(name): logging.warning("Plugin %s is not blacklisted.", name) return f"Plugin {name} is not blacklisted." plugin = self.get_blacklisted_plugin() plugin.remove(name) self[BL_PLUGINS] = plugin"Plugin %s removed from blacklist.", name) return f"Plugin {name} removed from blacklist."
# configurations management
[docs] def get_plugin_configuration(self, name: str) -> Optional[Any]: configs = self[CONFIGS] if name not in configs: return None return configs[name]
[docs] def set_plugin_configuration(self, name: str, obj: Any): # TODO: port to with statement configs = self[CONFIGS] configs[name] = obj self[CONFIGS] = configs
[docs] def activate_non_started_plugins(self) -> None: """ Activates all plugins that are not activated, respecting its dependencies. :return: Empty string if no problem occurred or a string explaining what went wrong. """"Activate bot plugins...") errors = "" for name in self.get_plugins_activation_order(): plugin = self.plugins.get(name) try: if self.is_plugin_blacklisted(name): errors += ( f"Notice: {} is blacklisted, " f'use "{self.plugins["Help"]._bot.prefix}plugin unblacklist {name}" to unblacklist it.\n' ) continue if not plugin.is_activated:"Activate plugin: %s.", name) self.activate_plugin(name) except Exception as e: log.exception("Error loading %s.", name) errors += f"Error: {name} failed to activate: {e}.\n" log.debug("Activate flow plugins ...") for name, flow in self.flows.items(): try: if not flow.is_activated:"Activate flow: %s", name) self.activate_flow(name) except Exception as e: log.exception(f"Error loading flow {name}.") errors += f"Error: flow {name} failed to start: {e}.\n" return errors
[docs] def get_plugins_activation_order(self) -> List[str]: """ Calculate plugin activation order, based on their dependencies. :return: list of plugin names, in the best order to start them. """ plugins_graph = { name: set(info.dependencies) for name, info in self.plugin_infos.items() } plugins_in_cycle = set() while True: plugins_sorter = TopologicalSorter(plugins_graph) try: # Return plugins which are part of a circular dependency at the end, # the rest of the code expects to have all plugins returned return list(plugins_sorter.static_order()) + list(plugins_in_cycle) except CycleError: # Remove cycle from the graph, and cycle = set(plugins_sorter.find_cycle()) plugins_in_cycle.update(cycle) for plugin_name in cycle: plugins_graph.pop(plugin_name)
def _activate_plugin(self, plugin: BotPlugin, plugin_info: PluginInfo) -> None: """ Activate a specific plugin with no check. """ if plugin.is_activated: raise Exception("Internal Error, invalid activated state.") name = try: config = self.get_plugin_configuration(name) if plugin.get_configuration_template() is not None and config is not None: log.debug("Checking configuration for %s...", name) plugin.check_configuration(config) log.debug("Configuration for %s checked OK.", name) plugin.configure(config) # even if it is None we pass it on except Exception as ex: log.exception( "Something is wrong with the configuration of the plugin %s", name ) plugin.config = None raise PluginConfigurationException(str(ex)) try: add_plugin_templates_path(plugin_info) populate_doc(plugin, plugin_info) plugin.activate() route(plugin) plugin.callback_connect() except Exception: log.error("Plugin %s failed at activation stage, deactivating it...", name) self.deactivate_plugin(name) raise
[docs] def activate_flow(self, name: str) -> None: if name not in self.flows: raise PluginActivationException(f"Could not find the flow named {name}.") flow = self.flows[name] if flow.is_activated: raise PluginActivationException(f"Flow {name} is already active.") flow.activate()
[docs] def deactivate_flow(self, name: str) -> None: flow = self.flows[name] if not flow.is_activated: raise PluginActivationException(f"Flow {name} is already inactive.") flow.deactivate()
[docs] def activate_plugin(self, name: str) -> None: """ Activate a plugin with its dependencies. """ try: if name not in self.plugins: raise PluginActivationException( f"Could not find the plugin named {name}." ) plugin = self.plugins[name] if plugin.is_activated: raise PluginActivationException(f"Plugin {name} already activate.") plugin_info = self.plugin_infos[name] if not check_python_plug_section(plugin_info): return None check_errbot_version(plugin_info) dep_track = set() depends_on = self._activate_plugin_dependencies(name, dep_track) plugin.dependencies = depends_on self._activate_plugin(plugin, plugin_info) except PluginActivationException: raise except Exception as e: log.exception(f"Error loading {name}.") raise PluginActivationException(f"{name} failed to start : {e}.")
def _activate_plugin_dependencies( self, name: str, dep_track: Set[str] ) -> List[str]: plugin_info = self.plugin_infos[name] dep_track.add(name) depends_on = plugin_info.dependencies for dep_name in depends_on: if dep_name in dep_track: raise PluginActivationException( f'Circular dependency in the set of plugins ({", ".join(dep_track)})' ) if dep_name not in self.plugins: raise PluginActivationException( f"Unknown plugin dependency {dep_name}." ) dep_plugin = self.plugins[dep_name] dep_plugin_info = self.plugin_infos[dep_name] if not dep_plugin.is_activated: log.debug( "%s depends on %s and %s is not activated. Activating it ...", name, dep_name, dep_name, ) sub_depends_on = self._activate_plugin_dependencies(dep_name, dep_track) dep_plugin.dependencies = sub_depends_on self._activate_plugin(dep_plugin, dep_plugin_info) return depends_on
[docs] def deactivate_plugin(self, name: str) -> None: plugin = self.plugins[name] if not plugin.is_activated: log.warning("Plugin already deactivated, ignore.") return plugin_info = self.plugin_infos[name] plugin.deactivate() remove_plugin_templates_path(plugin_info)
[docs] def remove_plugin(self, plugin: BotPlugin) -> None: """ Deactivate and remove a plugin completely. :param plugin: the plugin to remove :return: """ # First deactivate it if it was activated if plugin.is_activated: self.deactivate_plugin( del self.plugins[] del self.plugin_infos[]
[docs] def remove_plugins_from_path(self, root: str) -> None: """ Remove all the plugins that are in the filetree pointed by root. """ old_plugin_infos = deepcopy(self.plugin_infos) for name, pi in old_plugin_infos.items(): if str(pi.location).startswith(root): self.remove_plugin(self.plugins[name])
[docs] def shutdown(self) -> None:"Shutdown.") self.close_storage()"Bye.")
def __hash__(self): # Ensures this class (and subclasses) are hashable. # Presumably the use of mixins causes __hash__ to be # None otherwise. return int(id(self))