errbot.core_plugins.flows module

class errbot.core_plugins.flows.Flows(bot, name=None)[source]

Bases: BotPlugin

Management commands related to flows / conversations.

check_user(msg, flow)[source]

Checks to make sure that either the user started the flow, or is a bot admin

flows_kill(_, user, flow_name)[source]

usage: flows_kill [-h] user flow_name

Admin command to kill a specific flow.

positional arguments:

user flow_name

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

flows_list(msg, args)[source]

Displays the list of setup flows.

flows_show(_, args)[source]

Shows the structure of a flow.

flows_start(msg, args)[source]

Manually start a flow within the context of the calling user. You can prefeed the flow data with a json payload.


!flows start poll_setup {“title”:”yeah!”,”options”:[“foo”,”bar”,”baz”]}

flows_status(msg, args)[source]

Displays the list of started flows.

flows_stop(msg, args)[source]

Stop flows you are in. optionally, stop a specific flow you are in.

recurse_node(response: StringIO, stack, f: FlowNode, flow: Flow = None)[source]