errbot.repo_manager module

class errbot.repo_manager.BotRepoManager(storage_plugin:, plugin_dir: str, plugin_indexes: Tuple[str, ...])[source]


Manages the repo list, git clones/updates or the repos.

__init__(storage_plugin:, plugin_dir: str, plugin_indexes: Tuple[str, ...]) → None[source]

Make a repo manager. :type plugin_dir: str :type storage_plugin: StoragePluginBase :param storage_plugin: where the manager store its state. :param plugin_dir: where on disk it will git clone the repos. :param plugin_indexes: a list of URL / path to get the json repo index.

add_plugin_repo(name: str, url: str) → None[source]
check_for_index_update() → None[source]
get_all_repos_paths() → List[str][source]
get_installed_plugin_repos() → Dict[str, str][source]
get_repo_from_index(repo_name: str) → List[errbot.repo_manager.RepoEntry][source]

Retrieve the list of plugins for the repo_name from the index.

Parameters:repo_name (str) – the name of the repo
Returns:a list of RepoEntry
index_update() → None[source]
install_repo(repo: str) → str[source]

Install the repository from repo

Return type:str
Parameters:repo (str) –
The url, git url or path on disk of a repository. It can point to either a git repo or
a .tar.gz of a plugin
Returns:The path on disk where the repo has been installed on.
Raises:RepoException if an error occured.
search_repos(query: str) → Generator[errbot.repo_manager.RepoEntry, None, None][source]

A simple search feature, keywords are AND and case insensitive on all the fields.

Parameters:query (str) – a string query
Returns:an iterator of RepoEntry
set_plugin_repos(repos: Dict[str, str]) → None[source]

Used externally.

shutdown() → None[source]
uninstall_repo(name: str) → None[source]
update_all_repos() → Generator[Tuple[str, int, str], None, None][source]
update_repos(repos) → Generator[Tuple[str, int, str], None, None][source]

This git pulls the specified repos on disk. Yields tuples like (name, success, reason)

class errbot.repo_manager.RepoEntry(entry_name, name, python, repo, path, avatar_url, documentation)

Bases: tuple


Alias for field number 5


Alias for field number 6


Alias for field number 0


Alias for field number 1


Alias for field number 4


Alias for field number 2


Alias for field number 3

exception errbot.repo_manager.RepoException[source]

Bases: Exception

errbot.repo_manager.check_dependencies(req_path: pathlib.Path) → Tuple[Optional[str], Sequence[str]][source]

This methods returns a pair of (message, packages missing). Or None, [] if everything is OK.

errbot.repo_manager.makeEntry(repo_name: str, plugin_name: str, json_value)[source]

Returns all the words in a repo entry.