18. Plugin compatibility settings

18.1. Errbot compatibility

Sometimes when your plugin breaks under a specific version of Errbot, you might want to warn the user of your plugin and not load it.

You can do it by adding an Errbot section to your plug file like this:

Name = MyPlugin
Module = myplugin

Description = my plugin


If the Errbot section is omitted, it defaults to “compatible with any version”.

If the Min option is omitted, there is no minimum version enforced.

If the Max option is omitted, there is no maximum version enforced.

Versions need to be a 3 dotted one (ie 2.4 is not allowed but 2.4.0 is). And it understands those suffixes:

  • “-beta”

  • “-rc1”

  • “-rc2”

  • etc.

For example: 2.4.0-rc1

note: -beta1 or -rc are illegal. Only rc can get a numerical suffix.