10. Streams

Streams are file transfers. It can be used to store documents, index them, send generated content on the fly etc.

10.1. Waiting for incoming file transfers

The bot can be sent files from the users. You only have to implement the callback_stream() method on your plugin to be notified for new incoming file transfer requests.

Note: not all backends supports this, check if it has been correctly implemented from the backend itself.

For example, getting the initiator of the transfer and the content, see Stream for more info about the various fields.

from errbot import BotPlugin, botcmd

class PluginExample(BotPlugin):

    def callback_stream(self, stream):
        self.send(stream.identifier, "File request from :" + str(stream.identifier))
        self.send(stream.identifier, "Content:" + str(stream.fsource.read()))

10.2. Sending a file to a user or a room

You can use send_stream_request() to initiate a transfer:

stream = self.send_stream_request(msg.frm, open('/tmp/myfile.zip', 'r'), name='bills.zip', stream_type='application/zip')

The returned stream object can be used to monitor the progress of the transfer with stream.status, stream.transfered etc… See Stream for more details.