errbot.core_plugins.plugins module

class errbot.core_plugins.plugins.Plugins(bot, name=None)[source]

Bases: BotPlugin


Return a formatted, plain-text list of loaded plugins.

When active_only=True, this will only return plugins which are actually active. Otherwise, it will also include inactive (blacklisted) plugins.

plugin_activate(_, args)[source]

activate a plugin. [calls .activate() on the plugin]

plugin_blacklist(_, args)[source]

Blacklist a plugin so that it will not be loaded automatically during bot startup. If the plugin is currently activated, it will deactiveate it first.

plugin_config(_, args)[source]

configure or get the configuration / configuration template for a specific plugin ie. !plugin config ExampleBot could return a template if it is not configured: {‘LOGIN’: ‘’, ‘PASSWORD’: ‘password’, ‘DIRECTORY’: ‘/toto’} Copy paste, adapt so can configure the plugin: !plugin config ExampleBot {‘LOGIN’: ‘’, ‘PASSWORD’: ‘myrealpassword’, ‘DIRECTORY’: ‘/tmp’} It will then reload the plugin with this config. You can at any moment retrieve the current values: !plugin config ExampleBot should return: {‘LOGIN’: ‘’, ‘PASSWORD’: ‘myrealpassword’, ‘DIRECTORY’: ‘/tmp’}

plugin_deactivate(_, args)[source]

deactivate a plugin. [calls .deactivate on the plugin]

plugin_info(_, args)[source]

Gives you a more technical information about a specific plugin.

plugin_reload(_, args)[source]

reload a plugin: reload the code of the plugin leaving the activation status intact.

plugin_unblacklist(_, args)[source]

Remove a plugin from the blacklist

repos(_, args)[source]

list the current active plugin repositories

repos_install(_, args)[source]

install a plugin repository from the given source or a known public repo (see !repos to find those). for example from a known repo: !install err-codebot for example a git url: or an url towards an archive:

Searches the repo index. for example: !repos search jenkins

repos_uninstall(_, repo_name)[source]

uninstall a plugin repository by name.

repos_update(_, args)[source]

update the bot and/or plugins use: !repos update all to update everything or: !repos update repo_name repo_name … to update selectively some repos