Mattermost Backend


  • Mattermost with APIv4

  • Python >= 3.4

  • websockets 3.2

  • mattermostdriver greater than version 4.0


  • git clone

  • Create an account for the bot on the server.

  • Install the requirements.

  • Open errbot’s

  • If the bot has problems doing some actions, you should make it system admin, some actions won’t work otherwise.


Cards are called attachments in Mattermost. If you want to send attachments, you need to create an incoming Webhook in Mattermost and add the webhook id to your errbot in BOT_IDENTITY. This is not an ideal solution, but AFAIK Mattermost does not support sending attachments over the api like slack does.


Use the APIv3 branch for that. It is no longer supported and not guaranteed to work!

Attention: The BOT_IDENTITY config options are different for V3 and V4!

Known issues

  • Channelmentions in messages aren’t accounted for (this is a possible issue but is unconfirmed)


The Bot does not answer my direct messages

If you have multiple teams, check that you are both members of the same team!


Thanks to and all the contributors to the bot. Most of this code was build with help from the already existing backends, especially: