IRC backend configuration

This backend lets you connect to any IRC server. To select this backend, set BACKEND = ‘IRC’.

Extra Dependencies

You need to install this dependency before using Errbot with IRC:

pip install irc

Account setup

Configure the account by setting up BOT_IDENTITY as follows:

    'nickname' : 'err-chatbot',
    # 'username' : 'err-chatbot',    # optional, defaults to nickname if omitted
    # 'password' : None,             # optional
    'server' : '',
    # 'port': 6667,                  # optional
    # 'ssl': False,                  # optional
    # 'ipv6': False,                 # optional
    # 'nickserv_password': None,     # optional

    ## Optional: Specify an IP address or hostname (vhost), and a
    ## port, to use when making the connection. Leave port at 0
    ## if you have no source port preference.
    ##    example: 'bind_address': ('', 0)
    # 'bind_address': ('localhost', 0),

You will at a minimum need to set the correct values for nickname and server above. The rest of the options can be left commented, but you may wish to set some of them.

Bot admins

You can set BOT_ADMINS to configure which IRC users are bot administrators. For example: BOT_ADMINS = (‘gbin!gbin@*’, ‘*!*’)


The default syntax for users on IRC is {nick}!{user}@{host} but this can be changed by adjusting the IRC_ACL_PATTERN setting.


If you want the bot to join a certain channel when it starts up then set CHATROOM_PRESENCE with a list of channels to join. For example: CHATROOM_PRESENCE = (‘#errbotio’,)


You may leave the value for CHATROOM_FN at its default as it is ignored by this backend.

Flood protection

Many IRC servers have flood protection enabled, which means the bot will get kicked out of a channel when sending too many messages in too short a time.

Errbot has a built-in message ratelimiter to avoid this situation. You can enable it by setting IRC_CHANNEL_RATE and IRC_PRIVATE_RATE to ratelimit channel and private messages, respectively.

The value for these options is a (floating-point) number of seconds to wait between each message it sends.

Rejoin on kick/disconnect

Errbot won’t rejoin a channel by default when getting kicked out of one. If you want the bot to rejoin channels on kick, you can set IRC_RECONNECT_ON_KICK = 5 (to join again after waiting 5 seconds).

Similarly, to rejoin channels after being disconnected from the server you may set IRC_RECONNECT_ON_DISCONNECT = 5.