XMPP backend configuration

This backend lets you connect to any Jabber/XMPP server. To select this backend, set BACKEND = ‘XMPP’.

Extra Dependencies

You need to install this dependency before using Errbot with XMPP:

pip install slixmpp pyasn1 pyasn1-modules

Account setup

You must manually register an XMPP account for the bot on the server you wish to use. Errbot does not support XMPP registration itself.

Configure the account by setting up BOT_IDENTITY as follows:

    'username': 'err@server.tld',  # The JID of the user you have created for the bot
    'password': 'changeme',        # The corresponding password for this user
    # 'server': ('host.domain.tld',5222), # server override

By default errbot will query SRV records for the correct XMPP server and port, which should work with a properly configured server.

If your chosen XMPP server does not have correct SRV records setup, you can also set the server key to override this.

A random resource ID is assigned when errbot starts up. You may fix the resource by appending it to the user name:

    'username': 'err@server.tld/resource',

Bot admins

You can set BOT_ADMINS to configure which XMPP users are bot administrators. For example: BOT_ADMINS = (‘gbin@someplace.com’, ‘zoni@somewhere.else.com’)

MUC rooms

If you want the bot to join a certain chatroom when it starts up then set CHATROOM_PRESENCE with a list of MUCs to join. For example: CHATROOM_PRESENCE = (‘err@conference.server.tld’,)

Note: don’t omit the comma under any circumstance!

You can configure the username errbot should use in chatrooms by setting CHATROOM_FN.